Supporting Decisions


European Best Information through Regional Outcomes in Diabetes (EUBIROD)

Between 2008-2012, Serectrix has led work package 6: "Epidemiological Analysis" as well as the task of "Privacy Impact Assessment" in work package 4: "Data Collection". The large EU Consortium involved partners from 21 countries. Final results have been successfully delivered in March 2012. In EUBIROD, Serectrix was also deeply involved in the dissemination activity, as an energetic member of the Faculty of the BIRO Academy.

Best Information through Regional Outcomes (BIRO)

Between 2005-2009, Serectrix has led WP5 (Privacy Impact Assessment), WP8 (Statistical Engine), and WP10 (Central Engine), as subcontractor of the University of Perugia. All reports have been delivered according to the plans. The project, finalised in June 2009, has been positively evaluated by a multidisciplinary independent panel including distinguished international experts.

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