Supporting Decisions


Bridge Health Task 8.2

Between 2015-2017, Serectrix led a cross-cut activity for WP8.2 (and WP11) of the DG-SANCO funded project "Bridge Health", with the aim of updating the privacy assessment methodology, including principles underpinning the GDPR, ethical principles and the most recent recommendations on health data governance. A practical demonstration has been planned on different networks involved in Bridge Health, finalised in a novel method of "Privacy and Ethics Impact and Performance Assessment (PEIPA)".

European Best Information through Regional Outcomes in Diabetes (EUBIROD)

Between 2008-2012, Serectrix led WP6: "Epidemiological Analysis", as an associated partner of the EUBIROD Consortium involving partners from 21 countries. In this project, Serectrix has contributed to the production of the open source statistical system and as a member of the Faculty of the BIRO Academy.

Best Information through Regional Outcomes (BIRO)

Between 2005-2009, Serectrix led WP5 (Privacy Impact Assessment), WP8 (Statistical Engine), and WP10 (Central Engine), as subcontractor of the University of Perugia. All reports have been delivered according to the plans. The project, finalised in June 2009, has been positively evaluated by a multidisciplinary independent panel including distinguished international experts.

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