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Concetta Tania Di Iorio, LL.M, MPH

Via Gran Sasso 79, 65121 Pescara (PE), ITALY
Ph./Fax: +39 085 44 29 188;;

A graduate in Law from the University of Bologna with a thesis in Commercial Law on the “Cooperation and Specialization Agreements among enterprises according to European Union Antitrust Law” (grade: 105/110), Tania qualifies as solicitor in 1995 and after three years of legal practice in Pescara, Italy, as barrister in 1998.

In her role of solo practitioner, she has worked in Italy until 2000, when she founded Serectrix as a private entrepreneur and moved to Melbourne, Australia to be enrolled in the Master of Public Health at Monash University.

After the Master degree in 2003, she gained Australian nationality and worked as a research associate and legal expert for the TIDE group at the Monash Institute of Health Services Research, to build a new program for the coordination of EU projects in the field of research and public health. Specialized in ethics, privacy legislation and public health law, Dr.Di Iorio moves back to Italy in 2004 to launch the activities of Serectrix.

Since then, she has developed a unique expertise in the field of privacy evaluation, with main interests in the international exchange of health information and the construction of privacy-enhanced health information systems.

Between 2004-2005, she worked for the Regional Agency of the Tuscany Region, in the field of frail elderly; DG-RESEARCH, European Commission, for the ethical evaluation of research projects; and the University of Perugia, for the preparation of EU proposals. At the same time, she participates to the preparation of the project “Best Information through Regional Outcomes” (BIRO), later approved by DG-SANCO in the health information strand of the Public Health program.

In BIRO, Tania led the workpackage WP5: “Privacy Impact Assessment” as a legal expert for Serectrix, subcontractor of the University of Perugia. All expected products have been successfully delivered according to the plans. Tania’s work gives a tremendous contribution to the definition of the BIRO system architecture and the dissemination of the approach, as witnessed by the release of four technical reports and the publication of a monograph chapter and of a scientific paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics. In 2008, Tania gains a new role of legal expert in the project EUBIROD, a new public health proposal granted by DG SANCO, for which Serectrix is included as associated partner.

In EUBIROD, Dr.Di Iorio has provided additional insight into privacy issues in the framework of a large international Consortium whose members are now using the BIRO system on a routine basis.

During 2012, all EUBIROD expected products were successfully delivered according to the plans, and Tania published a major international paper in the European Journal of Public Health on Priacy Performance Assessment in EUBIROD, plus a dedicated chapter of a book on e.Health governance released by Springer-Verlag.

Tania is also a faculty member of the BIRO Academy and is involved in the evaluation of privacy issues for the implementation of national diabetes registers.

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