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Results of WP5 of EUBIROD delivered.

by Concetta Tania Di Iorio, November 2011 Tags: projects.

Serectrix has delivered the final report of WP5 of EUBIROD to the European Commission. The full report is available here.

Privacy Impact Assessment describing methods to identify the best architecture for the BIRO project has been published

by Concetta Tania Di Iorio, 21 September 2009 Tags: projects.

Concetta Tania Di Iorio has published the method of Privacy Impact Assessment as a first author on the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics. The full paper is available here, a journal ofthe BMJ series. In this article, Tania presented a detailed overview of the different steps involved in the process, including a comprehensive description of the literature review, how ranking tools were constructed - from the data flow to the definition of the questionnaire items - and the Delphi selection process. A detailed privacy analysis is included in the discussion, leading to the conclusions that explain how the BIRO system fulfills the scope of the project while achieving the best tradeoff between complexity, information content and privacy protection, in compliance with the EU Data Protective and national legislation.

Statistical Engine boosts the BIRO collaboration
to deliver diabetes reports from EU countries

by Fabrizio Carinci, 4 September 2009 Tags: projects.

Fabrizio Carinci and Luca Rossi have delivered the Statistical Engine distributed to EUBIROD partners in preparation of the 1st EUBIROD Technical Meeting, to be held in Rome in November this year. The new release solves major issues posed at the Kuwait Meeting, particularly in the loading of export datasets, and improves outputs included in a revised web report for the web portal. The new software is part of the BIRO Box used by all EUBIROD partners to test the functionality of the automated Diabetes BIRO Report, using aggregated local data from more than 20 Countries. More details available at the EUBIROD website.

BIRO delivers results
to the European Commission in Brussels

by Fabrizio Carinci, 7 May 2009 Tags: projects.

biro EC presentation

On 7th May 2009, Fabrizio Carinci presented with Prof.Massi Benedetti (University of Perugia), Dr.Fred Storms (CBO Netherlands), Prof.Joseph Azzopardi (University of Malta) and Dr.George Olympios (Cyprus Ministry of Health) the final results of the BIRO project at the Brussels office of Regione Umbria. A selected audience of relevant stakeholders and representatives of the European Commission, including DG-SANCO, DG-RESEARCH, and DG-INFSO attended the meeting.

Presentations included an overview of the products of Privacy Impact Assessment and Statistical Engine delivered by Serectrix in collaboration with the University of Perugia.

According to G.Dargent (EC, EAHC, Luxembourg), BIRO represents an important project in the field of public health, as witnessed by the continued support offered for EUBIROD, a three-year project that includes Serectrix as a formal associated partner of the Consortium. For Dr.Dargent, the successful delivery of BIRO demonstrates the validity of connecting existing data sources as a sustainable strategy to public EU health information system.

K.McCarthy (Public Health Sector, DG-RESEARCH, Brussels) commented that the possibility that results can be shared across Europe in a timely and relatively inexpensive way may constitute an innovative solution filling the gap between policy and practice.

The meeting was preceded and followed by a cocktail reception, celebrating the successful end of the project. All participants received a printed hardcopy of the BIRO Monograph, a complete, original publication of over 200 pages packaging all major results and including details on all the features of the BIRO system.

Serectrix part of the BIRO Faculty at the
1st EUBIROD Annual Meeting in Kuwait City

by Fabrizio Carinci, 4 May 2009 Tags: projects.

eubirod Kuwait 2009

On 2nd May 2009, Concetta Tania Di Iorio and Fabrizio Carinci presented contents of their work in the BIRO project at the BIRO Academy Meeting in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Presentations included an overview of the Privacy Impact Assessment and Statistical Engine delivered by Serectrix in collaboration with the University of Perugia.

An audience of over 50 participants gathered for the occasion. A discussion on the usage of data systems (see photo) followed the presentation. Many provocative questions were posed by participants and will be taken into account for the further development of the products.

A complete report on the meeting, including full video coverage, is available here.

Serectrix delivers the final results of WP5, BIRO Privacy Impact Assessment of the BIRO project

by Concetta Tania Di Iorio, May 2009 Tags: projects.

Serectrix has delivered the report of Step 4 of WP5 of the BIRO project to the European Commission. The full report is available here.

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